Annotation Tool

Annotate your media.

Easy to use, yet powerful web-based annotation tool

Within Cantemo Portal™ the Annotation Tool allows you to mark time-code in and time-code out and apply metadata to that section of media all frame accurately.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

Annotation Tool

An annotation is metadata applied to a part of a piece of media.

Each annotation is defined by a metadata schema, with the same flexbility as asset metadata schemas.

Annotations can be one frame or more.

Annotations are stored against the item.

Annotations are managed as separate entities (sub clips) in Portal.

Multiple tracks of annotations supported.

Works with non-zero timecode material.

HTML5 base and works frame-accurately with proxy material.

Keybindings for speeding up the annotation process.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

Import metadata into NLEs

The annotations you create can be imported into supported NLEs as markers to specify areas for edit or compliance.

Multiple metadata schemas can be applied to one piece of media.

Show compliance information.

Multiple tracks.

Frame accurate annotations on import into NLEs or Rough Cut Editor.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

Typical use cases

An annotation tool has multiple use-cases, and of course you can mix and match these on the same system to suit any workflow.

Mark compliance information.

Show points of interest.

Sports logging such as marking Penalties, Goals, Touch-Downs, long-runs.

Log people, buildings, areas of interest.

Mark usage information.

After annotating, all metadata is stored and indexed in our search engine. You can search by annotated media, non-annotated media or both.

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