Easy archiving is especially crucial when dealing with a growing catalogue of media files, as is the ability to easily search the archive and retrieve files as and when you need them.

Easy and unified approach

The Cantemo® Archive Framework links to a number of archive solutions. It allows those solutions to be used as a deep archive storage in Portal. Since the integrations are based on Archive Framework, the user experience is the same as any other archive solution.

Manual or automatic archive and restore

We understand that some items you may want to archive or restore manually, whilst for others, you may want to set up automatic rules. So, at anytime, you can simply select an item, collection, or group and manually archive or restore. However, Cantemo Portal also enables sophisticated rules based on metadata triggers using Rules Engine. That way, when a particular asset or collection fits your specified criteria, it will be automatically archived or restored.

New integrations

The Cantemo Archive Framework means that integration with other archive solutions is quick and simple. We are constantly working with partners to build apps and integrations to make that simpler still and we are also working on furthering integrations with other storage and archive solutions.

Seamless Integration

Cantemo Portal™ integrates natively with third party archive solutions. This means that for the user you can have a seamless integration with your existing, or a new, archive solution which can be managed from within Cantemo Portal. And because we have purpose built an archive framework, based on our experience of building those integrations, the process of integration with new archive solutions is quick and simple. Also, being based on a framework means that your user interface will remain unified no matter which archive is being managed.

The Following solutions are included in the Cantemo Archive Framework:

Quantum StorNext

StorNext® is high-performance shared storage designed to accelerate complex irel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" nformation workflows. It includes Xcellis workflow storage, extended online storage, and tape archives. At ingest, the StorNext file system offers the lowest latency and highest throughput in the industry to ingest extreme volumes of footage at maximum speed.

Archiware P5

P5’s server backup is browser based and allows easy configuration, administration and monitoring – regardless of your location. The backup will include all your data as well as extended attributes, permissions, resource forks etc. Through parallelization, P5 Backup software supports multiple drives, tasks and clients simultaneously.

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is object storage with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. Customers use S3 as primary storage for cloud-native applications; as a bulk repository, or "data lake," for analytics; as a target for backup and recovery and disaster recovery; and with serverless computing.

BackBlaze B2

Backblaze has developed a robust cloud storage solution that is reliable, scalable and affordable. Developers can build applications, IT people can store corporate data, and anyone can store or host data online.