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Cantemo Portal has been quick to deploy and has simplified our workflow significantly. Our news archive is a unique beast with many similar assets described in entirely different ways. Portal has responded really well to this challenge and has completely overhauled the way we discover footage

Cantemo Portal™ and Rocket Science Overhaul Search-and-Discover for Idea Candy

Idea Candy is a production agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. It provides various services alongside production, including; writing, content development, post production, directing, multimedia skills and live television – focusing on current affairs and news coverage.

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The Brief

Challenged with an ever-growing news archive and collaborators all across South Africa, Idea Candy approached Johannesburg based systems integrator Rocket Science to help implement a solution that would make it easier to manage and discover that content.

Following an in-depth discussion with the Rocket Science team and a great deal of positive feedback from existing Cantemo Portal customers in South Africa, Idea Candy selected Cantemo® as its preferred software solution.

The Challenges

An ever-growing News Archive

One of the main challenges Idea Candy faced was the difficulty of managing its news archive that was growing substantially in size by 1TB a month. The existing media management infrastructure, consisting of one DVS Spycer connected via 10GB to a handful of editing suites, made it difficult to effectively search for footage.

Multiple Storage Systems

Idea Candy experienced difficulty in understanding and tracking where certain assets were in their system resulting in a delay in retrieving the assets for use on demand.

Inconsistency in Naming Conventions

The inconsistency in the naming conventions of assets made it difficult to search for relevant clips efficiently. As the client works with a vast number of new assets they found that similar assets were often named different things and the description of content, which is essential for finding it again once ingested, was lacking sophistication and accuracy.

Standardised Metadata Descriptions

Without a standard search vocabulary available to the client, Idea Candy could not search for media on their storage. The value of existing assets available on the storage was not maximised due to the non-existence of these standard metadata descriptions


With 10-18 users all dispersed across South Africa, media production and approval workflows were also challenging. This made collaborating on media assets almost impossible, as well as making it difficult to share content for approval.

Idea Candy Office

Overhauling Search-and-Discover

Cantemo Portal is a web-based media management solution, offering Idea Candy’s editors access to the content library from anywhere. Seamless integrations with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products allows editors to work within one workflow.

On top of this, Cantemo Portal has been integrated with Idea Candy’s email servers, enabling staff to share content via email invites. This makes collaborating on content with colleagues dispersed across South Africa that much simpler.

Portal is installed as an embedded MAM on top of a RAIDED Network Attached Storage (NAS), which acts as a nearline storage component. Cantemo Portal manages the entire active library of content within this storage totalling over 68TB. File and projects which are no longer needed are moved to LTO for archiving.

Before this deployment, content residing within Idea Candy storage library was extremely hard to reach. With the introduction of Portal, Idea Candy is now able to retrieve assets almost instantly. This also means its editors know exactly what content is available for use, therefore increasing the value of the assets themselves

Nuno Martins, Senior Solutions Architect, Rocket Science.
Idea Candy Office

Using the auto-ingest functionality, Cantemo Portal has been able to streamline the workflow at Idea Candy by automatically transcoding and tagging content with metadata at ingestion for effective indexing. Metadata is the key to accurate discovery of content and so Portal’s dedicated metadata management tool provides Idea Candy with the ability to describe content with minute descriptions to make content more searchable.

The metadata management tool is flexible, allowing Idea Candy to add its own unique metadata fields. These can be constricted so that very little free text can be input, instead replacing this with checkboxes. Idea Candy is able to log all keywords within Cantemo Portal so there is a consistency between assets, making search and discovery less of a headache. With less freedom for individual users to input random content descriptions, the content library is more consistently organised and content is easier to discover.

The system deployed at Idea Candy is comfortably able to scale up on demand to support as many users as needed. As the production agency expands, the number of users can be increased indefinitely with no disruptive changes to the infrastructure.

We’re really glad that Cantemo Portal has proved to be the right solution for Idea Candy. Our metadata management tool has been designed specifically to provide a range of users with the flexibility needed to manage metadata in a way that suits them best. In this case, Idea Candy can now be sure that content is always discoverable, saving time and resources.

Parham Azimi, CEO, Cantemo.

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