image from Portal 5.0 is Here

Cantemo Portal™ 5.0 will offer greater control and peace of mind around media management. The road to Portal 5.0 has been paved with 500 upgrades from our devoted team. These upgrades include new features, simple improvements, and responses to the challenges facing our customers and partners. This update brings: A better item page A powerful, new table view for searches A more functional recycle bin A totally new audit tool And a whole lot more.

image from Cantemo Portal + Pulse-IT

One of the core features of Portal is its open and extensible architecture with advanced APIs. This makes it easy to connect with solutions like Pulse-IT, a powerful orchestration system from Embrace. We’ve seen some of our customers do really well with this joint solution, so we got together with Embrace to show just what is possible. Here’s a two-minute overview of this integration This integration lets you:

image from Mike Szumlinski on The Workflow Show Podcast

Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 00:58:05 #54 “Education to Innovation: A conversation with Mike Szumlinski of Cloud Based Media Asset Management” In this episode, our Chief Comercial Officer, Mike Szumlinski, talks with Ben and Jason of The Workflow Show. Together, they speak about what it means to foster the growth of a product and creating a collaboration tool for media asset management in the cloud.

image from Portal 4.3 Update

Cantemo Portal has always strived to give its customers more control over their media. Now in version 4.3, there are more ways to manage and work with your media while saving time and resources. This update brings: New audio player Improved Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension New ways to quickly create collections New admin pages to monitor tasks and databases More API references Updated Audio Player First, the audio player has been redesigned with more detail and added functionality.

image from Portal 4.2 Update

The demand for speed and collaboration in media management has become stronger as our customers grow and adapt their media workflows. To that end, Cantemo Portal 4.2 is now available with some exciting new features. This update brings: New share page Share multiple assets New Filtered searches Configurable Transfer settings Sharing page First, there’s a new share page users will find when they follow a share link from Portal.

image from Welcome to the Cantemo GitHub

Did you Know that Cantemo Portal has a Github Repository? If you visit you’ll find examples of how to use the Cantemo Portal APIs as well as examples for implementing plugins to customize a Portal system. Find Examples You Can Use Now All the examples in the Cantemo Git are licensed under the 3-clause BSD license, so they can be freely used in any setting! Have you ever wondered what is the total duration of all media in a Cantemo Portal system?

image from Demos and First Looks at IBC 2019

Heading to the IBC Show in Amsterdam in September? Our team will be there to meet you and show what’s new in Cantemo Portal. Schedule a meeting at IBC! Here are the highlights of what’s been added to Portal in 2019: Final Cut Workflow Extension Combined search page Notification Center Improved Portal User Interface Upgraded Python, Django, Elastic, React and other vital components for Portal Single Sign on in Agent New Portal Roles Subclip Support in Rough Cut Editor Our latest update introduces a Final Cut Pro X workflow extension which allows editors to access media without leaving projects.

image from Cantemo Portal 4.1 Release

When we released Cantemo Portal 4.0 in February, we were already building the features for this update. As part of our practice of constant development, Portal will always be pushed to new levels of efficiency and innovation. At a glance, Portal 4.1 offers: An updated search interface A new Final Cut X Workflow Extension Personal Notifications Updated API role controls The added control these features offer will bring more peace of mind over your Portal system.

image from Cantemo Group Adds iconik Media AB

When iconik launched at the end of 2017, we could never have anticipated the journey ahead. The Cantemo team knew iconik would deliver a revolutionary solution to the media management market, but we couldn’t have known that we would pass so many major milestones ahead of schedule. During the past year, iconik attracted the attention of many small companies, organizations, and a few major global brands. And the momentum shows no signs of slowing.

image from Meet Cantemo at NAB Show 2019

“What happens in Vegas, I'm telling everyone.” Dane Cook The NAB Show is one of our most exciting events to attend every year. It’s never a dull moment with a steady stream of great partners and old friends stopping by. Every year there are new conversations as to where the changes in our industry are taking us next. We’re off to Vegas again with our own contributions to this year’s conversation about the coming changes in media.

image from Cantemo Portal 4.0 Release

Cantemo Portal™ 4.0 is the largest release in four years. This has been the result of a growing team and working closely with our customers, who run some of the most cutting-edge operations in the world of broadcast and enterprise media. As their needs have continued to evolve, we have been thinking forward to anticipate the future needs of the industry. To move forward in media management, organisations will need: More cloud compliance Faster and more secure file transfers Greater security against unauthorised access Powerful control over user access and roles that is intuitive And this is what we’ve delivered in Cantemo Portal 4.

image from iconik and Base Media Cloud Partner for Easy Media Collaborations

Cantemo® and BASE Media Cloud Partner to Deliver Integrated Cloud Services for Little Dot Studios We’re excited to share that we’ve partnered with BASE Media Cloud to integrate iconik, the cloud video hub, into BASE Media Cloud’s managed cloud services platform. The integration will enable the organisation and easy collaboration of media content throughout the production, post-production and delivery workflow. BASE Media Cloud delivers globally-available cloud services for digital media companies of all sizes, enabling them to securely store, process, edit, and distribute media online.