image from Portal 5.0 is Here

Cantemo Portal™ 5.0 will offer greater control and peace of mind around media management. The road to Portal 5.0 has been paved with 500 upgrades from our devoted team. These upgrades include new features, simple improvements, and responses to the challenges facing our customers and partners. This update brings: A better item page A powerful, new table view for searches A more functional recycle bin A totally new audit tool And a whole lot more.

image from Portal 4.3 Update

Cantemo Portal has always strived to give its customers more control over their media. Now in version 4.3, there are more ways to manage and work with your media while saving time and resources. This update brings: New audio player Improved Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension New ways to quickly create collections New admin pages to monitor tasks and databases More API references Updated Audio Player First, the audio player has been redesigned with more detail and added functionality.

image from Portal 4.2 Update

The demand for speed and collaboration in media management has become stronger as our customers grow and adapt their media workflows. To that end, Cantemo Portal 4.2 is now available with some exciting new features. This update brings: New share page Share multiple assets New Filtered searches Configurable Transfer settings Sharing page First, there’s a new share page users will find when they follow a share link from Portal.

image from Cantemo Portal 4.1 Release

When we released Cantemo Portal 4.0 in February, we were already building the features for this update. As part of our practice of constant development, Portal will always be pushed to new levels of efficiency and innovation. At a glance, Portal 4.1 offers: An updated search interface A new Final Cut X Workflow Extension Personal Notifications Updated API role controls The added control these features offer will bring more peace of mind over your Portal system.

image from Cantemo Portal 4.0 Release

Cantemo Portal™ 4.0 is the largest release in four years. This has been the result of a growing team and working closely with our customers, who run some of the most cutting-edge operations in the world of broadcast and enterprise media. As their needs have continued to evolve, we have been thinking forward to anticipate the future needs of the industry. To move forward in media management, organisations will need: More cloud compliance Faster and more secure file transfers Greater security against unauthorised access Powerful control over user access and roles that is intuitive And this is what we’ve delivered in Cantemo Portal 4.

image from Welcome to Portal 3.4 Featuring Time-based Commenting and Single Instance Metadata!

At Cantemo, we are continually updating our solutions to deliver the right tools in a constantly evolving industry. Each new version of Portal improves the efficiency that bit more, meaning you can get your content in front of the consumer that much quicker and easier. The latest version of Cantemo Portal is no exception, with a number of improvements to the review and approve workflows, application of metadata, and some extra flexibility in Rules Engine.

image from Cantemo Introduces Time-based Commenting and Single Instance Metadata in Cantemo Portal 3.4

Cantemo has launched the latest version of its Media Asset Management solution, Cantemo Portal. Cantemo Portal 3.4 features improvements to the review and approve workflows. This includes an improved user experience, as well as support for timecode based commenting. Users can add comments linked to a specific time within the video. These can also be easily updated and replied to against that same specific time. The latest version also enables single-instance metadata fields.

image from Cantemo Announces API Integration between iconik and AWS Elemental MediaConvert

Cantemo announced today an API integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), featuring interoperability between iconik and AWS Elemental MediaConvert. This API integration between the two solutions enables customers to easily transcode for various video formats, whilst keeping all of that media well organized, making it easy to find the right versions, collaborate with other stakeholders, and distribute to multiple platforms. AWS Media Services are a family of fully-managed services that make it easy to build reliable, broadcast-quality video workflows in the Cloud.

image from Introducing Cantemo Portal 3.3

With the launch of iconik, our new cloud hub for managing video, we’re bringing about new ways of working together and reducing the complexity around managing important media content. It’s a testament to the prolific nature of video material that our entire industry is built around managing it. In fact, creating the content is sometimes the easy bit, it’s knowing where this content is and ensuring it’s discoverable that is more often the challenge.

image from Cantemo Launches Hybrid-cloud Media Management Hub, iconik

Cantemo, a provider of next-generation media management solutions, has launched Cantemo iconik™, a cloud-based hub for video management. It enables stakeholders to access, review, edit, and approve content, regardless of geographic location. iconik has been designed for both media and broadcast professionals, as well as non-media centric industries managing video. Being natively built for the cloud, iconik can operate within a hybrid-cloud environment, from which it can manage on-premise storage and workflows.

image from Cantemo Portal 3.2 Improves Search and Error Resolution

Latest Version of Portal to be demonstrated at IBC Cantemo has announced the latest update to its media management solution, Cantemo Portal. Cantemo Portal 3.2 will be demonstrated at IBC in September. Central to Portal 3.2, the latest version of the solution, are refinements to the search functionality including a new search API, allowing users to create complex queries to fine-tune or support specific workflows based on customer needs. The newly implemented search API allows for a stronger depth of complexity of search and workflow.

image from Introducing Cantemo Portal 3.2

The media production and distribution industry is forever evolving at a rapid pace. Most corporations recognise the advantageous effect of using video content to engage with audiences, and so vastly more video content is being produced at a rapid rate. But this means that media management systems are even more essential. That’s why we’re consistently looking at ways of improving our flagship solution, Cantemo Portal. We want to be one step ahead of the game, so that our customers have everything they could possibly require from a media management system before they even realise they needed it.