Dashboard in Portal gives you a quick overview of your tasks, system status etc. You can customize your dashboard by adding as many widgets as you want and configuring them. Once added, these widgets are draggable so you can sort and group them depending on your needs. In addition, it’s possible to display widgets in a different number of columns. From two columns to four, you can choose how many items you want to align in a row.


Widgets can be configured and removed via the widgets header. The widgets below are already available within Cantemo Portal™. However, additional widgets can easily be developed by third parties as plugins. For example, you can download this RSS Feed widget for free from here.

System Job List

Here you can see and overview of the jobs that you have ongoing and completed. This page updates as jobs are progressing. It’s possible to filter jobs by state and type from the configuration menu.

Saved Search

This widget will allow you to perform any saved search easily. Add a new saved search and configure its display and sort order to fit your needs. You can always use default values and modify settings later on.

Search All

In order to quick search for items at the same time you are managing other things, you can add this widget.