Distribute and export

Ensuring your content is fit for distribution is a key factor for anyone creating and distributing videos. Cantemo Portal™ ensures your assets are ready and can be exported with ease.

Define re-usable export areas

By defining specific export areas, content and metadata can be manually or automatically copied to those areas using appropriate export methods and in the correct format. This saves valuable time and ensures that there is a consistency of formatting at this stage.

Export metadata with content

Content can be exported with associated metadata, meaning you can make sure your media content is easily discoverable in the sea of content on the internet.

We basically make sure the content is in the correct format for each export location using metadata transformation mappings.

Secure web-based download of media

We know that your content needs to be protected, which can be a major concern especially with web-based environments. All downloads are authenticated in Portal and optionally uses secure communication over HTTPS so all communication between the client and the server, including downloads, is secure.

Tied into rights management

Even at export, we know that you may want to restrict access rights to that content, ensuring only certain users can make any additional edits, or even who can view that media.

Exports can be used in combination with transcode

Often you will need to transcode the files before exporting the media. This can be setup in the rules to automatically transcode any item to the expected format before it is exported.

Automated distribution

  • Using Rules Engine, administrators can set up workflows for distribution.
  • These workflows can be triggered either manually by users, or automatically based on metadata changes in the system.
  • Example: When the publish date has passed for a certain asset:
    • Transcode it to a specified format.
    • Package it in transmission packages for each destination.
    • Export the transmission packages.
    • Email the stakeholders with status.