Final Cut Pro X

Bringing the best workflows to the newest NLE

Final Cut Pro X is the latest generation of dynamic video editing software

It is used by many production professionals and creative editors to refine video content ahead of distribution. The integration with Cantemo Portal™ means users can carry on working with the Final Cut Pro X interface, safe in the knowledge that Cantemo Portal is working hard in the background to keep the content organized.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool
Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

Edit with Final Cut Pro X

The Final Cut Pro X integration allows opening up single assets, complete collections, or the user's MediaBin in the NLE.

Work with shared storage

Offline mode for no shared storage access.

Import media or projects.

Export projects or rendered media.

Export with Metadata.

Import media with annotations.

Import sequences from our Rough Cut Editor.

Automatic transcode of proxy versions on export.

Keep track of which assets are used in FCPX projects.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool


Your material is always available from Cantemo Portal™ for import into Final Cut Pro X. Simply click in the Portal web interface and material opens straight away in Final Cut Pro X

Import from search or collections in Portal.

Bring in more than one clip at a time.

Import libraries.

Shared media shows up in the Event Library.

Works with shared storage or offline mode for without shared storage access.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool


After working in Final Cut Pro X, getting the media out and into Cantemo Portal™ could not be easier. We have integrated an export mechanism directly into Final Cut Pro so your content can be shared, stored and managed centrally.

Renders out the current sequence on export.

Exports the project file without rendering.

Enter metadata on export with centrally managed metadata schemas.

Exports on to shared storage.

Create a new asset or save back the project as a new version of existing asset.

Automatically creates new items and proxy files in Cantemo Portal™.

Integrates with other Cantemo Apps

With other Apps for Cantemo Portal™ the FCP X integration opens up even more possibilities for working with media, sequences and metadata.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

Create sequences and import

HTML5 Rough Cut Editor to NLE.

Using our Rough Cut Editor users can create rough edits and sequences from media, using a simple web-interface and proxy media. These sequences can then be imported into FCPx for finishing and final export.

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Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

Bring in annotation metadata

With our Annotation Tool.

Our annotation tool is a web-based metadata over time tool. Create metadata sections for marking compliance information, sections for approval and editing or marking points of interest. This metadata is then imported in to Final Cut Pro X as regions in the event.

It is installed centrally on Portal and all it requires is a modern web browser.

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A flexible workflow.

Our integration with Final Cut Pro X means that your workflow can support mature data-retention and metadata management yet allow the flexibility that creatives demand.

Centralised ingest from camera, tape or file.

Tag and extract metadata on a project by project basis.

Annotate media for correction and usage in easy to use web-tools.

Create rough cut sequences in the web browse.

Find and then import material into FCP X or the sequences.

Edit and color correct in the NLE.

Export with metadata back in to the MAM system.

Trigger file movement or archiving with metadata.

Change access rights automatically in the MAM to distribute the project to a larger user base..

Archive video and rushes to nearline such as Object Matrix or to tape.

See it in action

Opening single or multiple assets from Portal into FCP X.

Creating a sequence in Cantemo Rough Cut Editor and opening the sequence in FCP X.

Annotating content using Cantemo Annotation Tool, and accessing these as ranged keywords in FCP X.

Posting back rendered media and metadata from FCP X back to Portal.

Support for managing FCP X projects.

Start a project by creating a sequence in the Rough Cut Editor and continue in FCP X for craft editing.

Archive projects back to Portal.

Collaborate with other users or groups by sharing your work in progress.

Complete library round trip support in FCP X 10.1.

Support for uploading libraries as a new version or a new item.

Offline workflow for remote collaboration. Editors without access to the SAN can download the entire library package to local drive through web access to the Portal system.

Only newly added media in an edited library is uploaded back to Portal, both in online and offline workflow.