Manage Content

Cantemo Portal™ is all about managing your content to keep you in control. It does that in a number of important ways.

Basic and advanced search

Once your assets are within Cantemo Portal™, finding them again easily is one of the most fundamental requirements. Cantemo Portal enables a number of ways to search, from simple keywords, to setting out a very specific set of criteria to narrow down the search results. Users can search for specific items which contain certain words or phrases, or have a certain word in the title, for example. A search API enables you to create complex queries to fine-tune or support specific workflows based on your unique needs. You can also search for specific items which contain certain words or phrases, or have a certain word in the title, for example. The search enables wildcard searches based on character patterns, such as in the examples below where *ater* brings up anything with those letters contained in the title in that order and “or bridge” brings up any bridges-related content. You can also search for items not containing a certain term. Grouping allows you to collectively look for two separate search terms. Searches that need to be used regularly can also be saved and Portal also enables auto-complete as you start to type. The search also works intelligently with words and their plural forms. For example, if you search for ‘proxy’ it will pull up everything with the word ‘proxy’, as well as anything with ‘proxies’.

Saved Searches

Searches that need to be used regularly can also be saved and Portal also enables auto-complete as you start to type. The Search API means you can also re-save old saved searches according to a new criteria, as well as being able to refine a search which has already been opened. By adding or removing criteria from saved searches, Rules Engine 3 can be made to act on more or fewer assets without re-deploying the rule entirely.

The search history page shows a chronological list of your search history.

Content metadata

Cantemo Portal enables users to easily add and modify metadata associated with specific files and groups of files. The more metadata included, the more advanced the search options can be. Using metadata, you can also search for content with a shared commonality with any given asset. For example, you can search for other content in the same language using the appropriate metadata field.

Cantemo Portal lets users set restrictions on metadata. For example, certain users may only be able to view, but not modify certain field values. Patterns can also be associated with certain fields enforcing correctly formatted input strings to reduce the risk of errors in metadata insertion. It is also possible to set required fields forcing the user to fill in values for that field.

Content friendly preview

Preview video frame-accurately and rapidly from anywhere and on any modern device. Control the playback with JKL key bindings supporting fast forward and fast rewind, and also slow motion playback, both forward and backward.

Share and manage access control lists

If you have a large number of users, you want to be able to control who can see, modify, or delete what could be important media files. You can setup access controls for different groups, giving users either read rights only, or full rights, depending on which group they belong to.

At the same time, if you are working on a specific project, you can restrict access so no-one else can open the project in the NLE until you have completed all the edits.

For example, you may want to ensure:

  • The sales department only sees the final approved media content.
  • Work in progress media and projects are only available to the post-production team.
  • Customers should only see their own finished products.
  • All assets are only accessible by the editors as long as publish date has not passed. Once it has passed give read access to all teams.
Cantemo Portal Manage Control Access

Collections, projects, and saved searches

As well as being able to search for individual items, setting up collections, projects, and saved searches enables you to define specific criteria to group assets. This of course makes finding the items belonging to that group much easier, and also enables you to setup rules and other actions for that entire grouping, such as determining when they should be shared, exported, archived, and more.

Usage tracking

We understand that being able to track what is happening with your assets and how they are being used can be crucial. Cantemo Portal enables you to keep track of that usage in collections, sequences, and NLE projects. This is useful for instance when deleting assets. Portal will warn the users before deleting if the asset is being used in any projects, sequences or collections. We also keep track of source media for each master file when exported back from supported NLEs.