The vast diversity within today’s media landscape means that MAM systems need to be flexible, scalable, and easily integrated into third party systems, so the user gets a bespoke system to fit those very diverse needs.

At Cantemo®, we only work with the best in each section of the chain, ensuring perfect synergy and openness between the different systems, which ultimately means we can deliver futureproof solutions to our customers.

Essentially it comes down to providing a seamless workflow, so it is important to work with players right through the chain. Some of our partners exhibiting at NAB help us demonstrate a small part of that:

Media files can be ingested using ToolsOnAir just:in, which is a comprehensive ingest solution for single/multi-camera or VTR setups. By marrying the ingest solution to Cantemo Portal, customers are able to streamline realtime signal capture into a platform that allows a wide range of choice in editorial tools and automation options. The fact that both companies strive to provide extensible software tools, means that advanced workflows can be created without the need for proprietary hardware/software.

At NAB, we will have a sneak preview of Cantemo Portal 2.1, which will feature Cantemo Transcoder Framework, to allow our partners and customers to easily integrate third-party transcoders. The first App based on this framework involves comprehensive integration between Cantemo Portal and Telestream Vantage, and provides organisations of all shapes and sizes the ability to deploy next generation, file-based asset management and media transcoding workflows. The Framework will also launch with integration between Portal and Telestream Episode multi-format encoding software.

We will also feature the other end of the process at NAB, namely backup, synchronization, storage and archiving. moosystems has developed an app, CP Archive App, that essentially builds a bridge between Cantemo Portal and Archiware P5 Archive to enable archiving and restoring directly from the Cantemo Portal interface. Using the CP Archive App, users can archive and restore single items as well as collections of items. Archiving and Restoring processes can be triggered either manually from the Cantemo Portal Web interface or automatically after a configurable number of days after cataloguing an item. The information is transferred to Archiware P5 Archive, which in turn communicates with the LTO hardware.

Integration with the acclaimed object storage solution from Object Matrix, MatrixStore, ensures that content can be protected in a scalable and secure nearline platform without the end user, needing to manage the process. Cantemo and Object Matrix share a long and rapidly growing list of joint customers including M6 Group, Orange OCS, MTA International, and EDF Energy.

The Cantemo Archive Framework is another new framework from Cantemo, which enables unified integration with third-party archive systems. The first App available on this framework is developed and released by Cantemo and integrates the solution with Quantum architecture using Quantum StorNext API v5. It means that we can integrate with the entire range of Quantum storage solutions.

We are continuously improving our integration with third party solutions, making the workflow for our customers even better and more efficient. Feel free to stop by our booth at NAB (SL14811) to understand how Cantemo Portal integrates with these, and many other, solutions.

And, come and join us for a session on April 13th at 11:30 am at the FCPWORKS NAB Suite.