There is no denying that social media is a huge deal. Most people are on at least one social network, and it seems that the younger you are, the more networks you have! And for companies the importance of social media is not insignificant, and with good reason - we suddenly have a way to directly engage with our audience via multiple platforms. However, with the engagement opportunities constantly evolving, you need to ensure you are making the most of these opportunities across the range of social media channels in order to keep up.

Pairing video with social media is particularly valuable for increasing that engagement. Indeed, according to a Cisco report, online video will account for as much as 69% of all internet traffic by 2017. Animoto released some data on the shopping habits of millennials recently, which claims that 80% watch videos when shopping for a new product. Couple this with the fact that more and more companies are creating videos to market their products and services, and we are entering a world where you will fall behind if you aren’t doing the same.

However, with so many consumers and businesses getting their news and updates via social media, it is no longer enough to simply create a video and put it on your website, or maybe YouTube. Being able to spread it across numerous social media channels is a must and in many cases, being able to do that instantly can make a huge difference for timely communication of a new launch, for example.

Cantemo Portal social screenshot

A new app, being launched by PVT, helps solve these challenges. The first release will be ready just ahead of IBC and will add a really simple “send to social media” button to Cantemo Portal (the beta is available now if you want to try it out). At a touch of that button, Portal will transcode the asset to the optimal format for upload of HD content to each media outlet, and it will then be simultaneously published on Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

We are pretty excited about this development, as it is something, which will only become more important as video and social media continue to go hand-in-hand.