Latest Version of Portal to be demonstrated at IBC

Cantemo has announced the latest update to its media management solution, Cantemo Portal. Cantemo Portal 3.2 will be demonstrated at IBC in September.

Central to Portal 3.2, the latest version of the solution, are refinements to the search functionality including a new search API, allowing users to create complex queries to fine-tune or support specific workflows based on customer needs. The newly implemented search API allows for a stronger depth of complexity of search and workflow.

Furthermore, the newly developed API provides users with the ability to re-save old saved searches according to a new criteria, as well as allowing the user to refine a search which has already been opened. The result is a much simpler user interface, enabling heightened flexibility and efficiency.

Search options are a core feature of media management solutions. We’re consistently developing and refining this feature to ensure Portal is as easy to use as it possibly can be.


In Cantemo Portal 3.2, saved searches will show the value of the search. This means that users can easily change or refine their search. It also allows users to easily update or save as a new search. Additionally, Portal 3.2 allows the user to alter saved searches over time. By adding or removing criteria from saved searches, Rules Engine 3 can be made to act on more or fewer assets without re-deploying the rule entirely.

Cantemo Portal 3.2 also allows the user to select values in multiple metadata fields. These can even be taken to a search for the value that was just selected. Item pages can also be used to define and display all the items with the same criteria at a simple click of the button. This can then be saved as a search, a further demonstration of the heightened user experience offered in Portal 3.2. The search history page has been updated to include a chronological list of all a user’s search history.

Portal’s latest update has simplified the complexity of the most basic tasks within the solution. Rules Engine 3 can now distinguish between error-free processes and those with non-critical errors. The software will then trigger actions for these separately. Therefore, not only can Rules Engine 3 run jobs and processes on an automated basis, it can now help highlight errors that may occur throughout.

Cantemo Portal 3.2 will be demonstrated on the Cantemo booth 7.K01t from 15th – 19th September at IBC, Amsterdam. To schedule a meeting with the Cantemo team, please email