The media production and distribution industry is forever evolving at a rapid pace. Most corporations recognise the advantageous effect of using video content to engage with audiences, and so vastly more video content is being produced at a rapid rate. But this means that media management systems are even more essential.

That’s why we’re consistently looking at ways of improving our flagship solution, Cantemo Portal. We want to be one step ahead of the game, so that our customers have everything they could possibly require from a media management system before they even realise they needed it.

So, we’re announcing the latest update to our Portal solution: Cantemo Portal 3.2! Watch this video to see what’s been improved:

Central to Portal 3.2 are refinements to the search functionality including a new search API. By nature, the implementation of a media management system should streamline workflows and free up time for revenue generating activities. To do this, the search feature must be as effective and efficient as possible so content can be found easily and quickly. As a result, the search feature is undoubtedly one of the core and most important features of a solution.

Within Portal 3.2 users can create complex queries in order fine-tune or support specific workflows based on their own unique needs. As we know, no two organisations are the same and this means their media management requires will also differ. Amongst the various improvements is the ability to re-save old saved searches according to new criteria, as well as further refining a search which has already been opened, plus access to a search history page. The result is a much simpler user interface, enabling heightened flexibility and efficiency.

As the saying goes, time really does equal money. For this reason, the more processes that can be automated, the better. For this to happen, a system should have effective rules capabilities, to handle more tasks automatically, freeing up the user for more creative and revenue generating activities. Portal 3.2 does this, with improved interactions between Rules Engine 3 and the Portal system itself.

Ultimately, the entire concept of a media management system is to streamline workflows to increase efficiency. Clearly, this means staying ahead of the game and an awareness of where the industry is heading. Portal 3.2 is the best it can be. And it will always be like that because we take the time to find out what our customers really need now, and what they will need in the future.

We’re really excited to get some feedback on our newest updates, so why not visit us at IBC? Cantemo Portal 3.2 will be demonstrated throughout the show in Amsterdam between 15th – 19th September at booth 7.K01. If you would like to arrange a meeting with the Cantemo team please contact us.