With the launch of iconik, our new cloud hub for managing video, we’re bringing about new ways of working together and reducing the complexity around managing important media content.

It’s a testament to the prolific nature of video material that our entire industry is built around managing it. In fact, creating the content is sometimes the easy bit, it’s knowing where this content is and ensuring it’s discoverable that is more often the challenge. And thanks to globalisation, the internet, and a general boom in technology over the last few decades, we have so much content on our hands that good management has never been more important. Every day, content is distributed to innumerable platforms and devices, in several formats, leading to bigger content libraries and more complex storage workflows.

With that in mind, it’s time we introduce you to the latest features of our newly updated media management solution, Cantemo Portal 3.3.

Many of those managing video are looking to the cloud to add a layer of flexibility to their workflows. Both new and existing customers can now synchronise Portal 3.3 with the cloud-based iconik, introducing easy sharing and the ability to collaborate globally. The user can maintain complete control over the content uploaded to iconik, or with Rules Engine 3 in place, content can be automatically placed in the cloud. This can be done with the proxy version of the content or the original, depending on the needs of the user.

But with global sharing and collaboration there is always the matter of security. With Portal 3.3, we have introduced the CheckIn and CheckOut function. If a user were to select CheckOut on a project, access to the same project would be severely restricted for other users (unless they have administrative rights). On top of this, the initial user who selected CheckOut would also have exclusive rights within Final Cut or Premiere Pro. Access can then be re-enabled or unlocked once all of the user’s edits are complete, by selecting CheckIn.

Metadata has, for some time now, been the key to more efficient search and discovery of content. Portal has always included a dedicated metadata management tool so users can automate their metadata workflows and add their own bespoke rules. Now, with the latest version of the solution, different default metadata groups can be applied for different purposes, and set for items, subclips and collections. The result? Simplified item categorisation and better search accuracy.

Further to the improvements to metadata application is Portal 3.3’s ability to cascade metadata from collections to items, as well as between separate metadata groups. Much like automatic inheritance of metadata from ‘parent items’ to ‘child items’, cascading metadata streamlines the search process. All of this metadata must, however, be kept up-to-date, given its importance to the entire media management process. As a result, one of the new features of Portal 3.3 is the ability to indicate if metadata in any given field differs between items within that batch.

In short, Cantemo is always trying to stay ahead of the metaphorical pack and that’s why we’re consistently developing and updating our solutions to be the very best they can be. As media libraries grow, media management solutions will either evolve, or become unsuitable for content producers’ needs. Find out more about how Cantemo Portal 3.3 could revolutionise the way you manage video content or visit the iconik website for more information about the recently launched cloud solution.