Cantemo has launched the latest version of its Media Asset Management solution, Cantemo Portal.

Cantemo Portal 3.4 features improvements to the review and approve workflows. This includes an improved user experience, as well as support for timecode based commenting. Users can add comments linked to a specific time within the video. These can also be easily updated and replied to against that same specific time.

The latest version also enables single-instance metadata fields. This means users can reuse the same instance of a field, with the same value, in multiple metadata subgroups. This means that the same field value can be represented in multiple subgroups. This is useful when there are different sub groups for different groups of people in the system, all with different access rights.

We are continually evolving our solutions to keep up with the constant evolution of the industry. With the media landscape becoming increasingly competitive, media companies are looking to reduce the complexity of their workflows. Improvements in efficiency are crucial for enabling companies to get content to the consumer that bit quicker.


Portal 3.4 also offers some additional flexibility in its Rules Engine, enabling users to temporarily suspend a rule, ready to re-activate it when it is needed next. The polling interval and parallel processing can be edited on a rule-by-rule basis.