Cantemo Portal 4.1 Release

Personal notifications, a new Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension, and more.

When we released Cantemo Portal 4.0 in February, we were already building the features for this update. As part of our practice of constant development, Portal will always be pushed to new levels of efficiency and innovation.

At a glance, Portal 4.1 offers:

  • An updated search interface
  • A new Final Cut X Workflow Extension
  • Personal Notifications
  • Updated API role controls

The added control these features offer will bring more peace of mind over your Portal system. The added workflow extension will allow your team to have more creative freedom in how they work.

combined search in Cantemo Portal

Combined search replaces the previous item and collections searches. This new arrangement quickly presents all the ways you can find your media.

In Portal 4.1, you have all these up front:

  • Search filters
  • Collections
  • Saved searches
  • Search history

Your searches can now be faster and more accurate.

Search for Field Data

Administrators can also use free-text searches to find specific field data. A quick search like this _missing_:title can return all the assets that are missing a title.

Final Cut Pro X workflow extension

combined search in Cantemo Portal

The new Final Cut Pro X workflow extension fits Portal into even more of your post-production workflows.

  • Editors can access their media without leaving the FCPX workspace.
  • Preview, add metadata and drag media into a timeline.
  • Drag assets into the workflow extension to upload them to Portal through the Cantemo Agent.

This extension also allows you to drag XML data into any 3rd party tool that supports Final Cut Pro X XML.

Render SubClips as New Assets

If you have subclips that were created with the Annotation Tool, now you have the ability to render those as new assets. You can do this with the Gearbox actions which are now accessible from even more places.

Notifications and User Icons

combined search in Cantemo Portal

The Portal user interface has been updated with notifications and user icons for a personalized experience.

The notifications are specific to you—not system-wide.

  • You can see all your alerts related to system health and jobs.
  • You can also choose what notifications you want to be sent to your email so you’re informed about what’s important to you.
  • The new Notifications API can also receive notifications from any 3rd party tools

You can also now see the user profile image in the top menu of Portal.

Split Roles for UI and API

Portal 4.1 offers granular control over users through the API. The user roles are also now split into two trees for UI roles and API roles. With this, you can enable API-only users, those who do not require the user interface in your Portal system.

Customized Health Checks

Lastly, you can limit what Portal information is reported in health checks to ensure you always have an accurate report.

We hope you enjoy the new Portal experience in version 4.1 Our team is already working on more powerful updates, and we hope to share them with you soon!

IBC 2019

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