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Cantemo has a GitHub repository with many examples that help users make the most of their Portal system. Here's what you need to know to start using this resource.

Did you Know that Cantemo Portal has a Github Repository?

If you visit https://github.com/Cantemo you’ll find examples of how to use the Cantemo Portal APIs as well as examples for implementing plugins to customize a Portal system.

Find Examples You Can Use Now

All the examples in the Cantemo Git are licensed under the 3-clause BSD license, so they can be freely used in any setting!

  • Have you ever wondered what is the total duration of all media in a Cantemo Portal system?
    👍This is the solution
  • Have you ever needed thousands of small videos to test some functionality with?
    👍This is the solution
  • If you want to display dynamic RSS feeds on your Portal Dashboard?
    👍This is the solution
Display dynamic RSS feeds on your Portal Dashboard
*RSS feed display in Portal*
## Share Your Own Solutions Have a solution of your own? We happily accept new additions. The Community repository where anyone can do a pull request to help other Portal administrators or system integrators. There, you can also get feedback on a solution. ## Portal has a lot of APIs and Integrations The examples in our repository are there to show partners and customers how to improve their workflows with these integrations. While it’s possible that you may not find the exact solution to your problem, you will, however, find plenty of solutions around similar things to help you get you closer to the solution you need.

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Here are the Highlights

We think these will be helpful as you start to utilize this resource.

  • Go here to see a fully working example for exporting item data in CSV format from the Cantemo Portal search page. Since the page was reworked in Portal 4.1.0 we wanted to show how this is done in the latest version of Portal.

  • Portal Plugin Template is a collection of dashboard widgets and user interface plugin examples—including their related back-end functionality.

  • If you want to implement a custom archive plugin, the Filesys Archive example plugin is a good starting point.

  • Use this Google Vision Rule to tag your images with AI. This will show you how to run Google Vision image analysis on images in Portal with a Python script.

Google Vision image analysis in Cantemo Portal
*Google Vision image analysis, Photo by Genie Ranada-Babista*

Get Help with Portal Upgrades

If you are upgrading to Cantemo Portal 4.0 or 4.1, you may encounter bugs caused by plugin updates.

You can always find help in the Cantemo documentation, but seeing the solution in action can be very helpful.

Here is an example Pull Request by our development team for upgrading our plugin examples to the latest Python and Django. Seeing every detail in the changed files will show the upgrade changes in practice.

Our repositories are there to help you understand the possibilities of Portal customization and to reduce the learning curve.

Have a look, and let us know if you think we’ve missed something there. We’re always working to make this a valuable resource.