Portal 4.2 Update

Filtered Searches and More Sharing Features

The demand for speed and collaboration in media management has become stronger as our customers grow and adapt their media workflows. To that end, Cantemo Portal 4.2 is now available with some exciting new features.

This update brings:

  • New share page
  • Share multiple assets
  • New Filtered searches
  • Configurable Transfer settings

Sharing page

First, there’s a new share page users will find when they follow a share link from Portal. Here they see all the assets that have been shared in that instance.

new share page in Cantemo Portal 4.2

Share Multiple assets

Now it’s possible to share multiple assets at once. Share entire collections is also possible. Once you’ve selected the assets that need to be shared, you can share them all at once. From the collections panel, it’s just as easy to share.

Sharing multiple assets in Cantemo Portal 4.2

Filters in searching

Searches can be narrowed down more quickly with the new addition of filtered searches. If you type in a query, you can easily toggle all related filters for those assets based on predefined metadata values.

New search filters for Cantemo Portal 4.2

A search for sports could present many results, but once you filter for collections or only images, the results can narrow quickly.

Search results after filters are applied to results

For now, filters are determined by Portal, but the use of filters determined by user-defined metadata will be available in a future release.

Centralized Transfer Configuration

“NLE Settings” have been renamed “Transfer settings”. From the Transfer settings panel, you will also find more features like:

  • The ability to set up various upload storages
  • The ability to set up agent bandwidth settings
  • And even define the transfer settings for each user group
New Trasfer Setting panel in Cantemo Portal 4.2

In the Group Transfer Settings, admins can override the transfer settings on a group level. This feature will be very helpful for admins managing multiple sites where different group settings like upload storage, mount points, and bandwidth settings are required. Now groups can be configured to upload and transcode using resources that are located nearest to them.

Group transfer settings in Cantemo Portal 4.2

More Updates

The Portal 4.2 update also includes:

  • Elasticsearch 7 update with the ability to perform fuzzy searches. This will return more results, even If the query is not exact or incomplete. A normal search for sport , that is misspelled sprot, may return no results. Adding a tilde ~ mark will create a fuzzy search that will find all the assets related to sports.

  • React has also been updated, which will allow for React hooks for plugin development. This will reduce complexity, making for cleaner code while maintaining high functionality.

  • And finally, Django has been upgraded to version 2.2.

With these new features, Cantemo Portal has made finding media and managing global teams even more efficient than before.

Learn more: See what features were added in our previous 4.1 update or go to the Cantemo Portal Release Notes.