Portal 4.3 Update

New improvements to the Final Cut Pro X workflow extension and new admin features

Cantemo Portal has always strived to give its customers more control over their media. Now in version 4.3, there are more ways to manage and work with your media while saving time and resources.

This update brings:

  • New audio player
  • Improved Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension
  • New ways to quickly create collections
  • New admin pages to monitor tasks and databases
  • More API references

Updated Audio Player

First, the audio player has been redesigned with more detail and added functionality. This updated design is more modern and displays the audio signature. For more playback control, use the JKL keys for various playback speeds.

new audio player in Cantemo Portal 4.3

New Features for the Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension

Portal 4.3 also brings improvements to the Portal Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension. Editors have more ways to find the assets they need with new Portal collections and saved searches within the workflow extension. These new additions will help editors stay efficient as they create.

new FCPX workflow extension improvements in Cantemo Portal 4.3

Easily Create Collections

Creating collections in Portal is easy with the new ability to simply enter the collection name and press enter to create. It’s also possible to create a collection with metadata in a single step by selecting “collections with metadata”. Every asset in the collection can inherit the collection metadata. To see the most recent collections first, use the new “sort by creation date” option. These features allow you to enrich your Portal system with less manual effort and can save you valuable time.

new ways to create collections in Cantemo Portal 4.2

New Tasks Page

System administrators have another way to view what’s happening in Portal with the new tasks page. When performing a metadata batch update, the tasks page will show the progress. Standard users can see their own tasks here in a similar way. Selecting a task will show even more information about how the process was carried out. When a task is finished, users will receive a notification.

new tasks page in Cantemo Portal 4.3

New Database Monitor Page

Portal admins can also monitor and purge databases in the new Database Monitor page. Admins can have an overview of database changes over time and configure purge intervals and purge directories for Vidispine data like API calls, jobs, and transfers. Monitoring databases in an easy to understand page will help administrators to have more control over their resources.

new database page in Cantemo Portal 4.3

More API References

Cantemo Portal was built upon a strong API. This release offers more ways to set up creative integrations. The Rest API reference page features Swagger API specifications for custom development. This collection of APIs makes it easy to find what you need when preparing your own solutions.

more API references in Cantemo Portal 4.3

Learn more: See what features were added in our previous 4.2 update or go to the Cantemo Portal Release Notes.