Cantemo Portal + Pulse-IT

See what's possible when you add Pulse-IT to Cantemo Portal

One of the core features of Portal is its open and extensible architecture with advanced APIs. This makes it easy to connect with solutions like Pulse-IT, a powerful orchestration system from Embrace.

We’ve seen some of our customers do really well with this joint solution, so we got together with Embrace to show just what is possible.

Here’s a two-minute overview of this integration

This integration lets you:

  • Create customized workflows in Portal with more than 30 different tasks
  • Create complex ingest processes with multiple files, user validations, etc.
  • Manually trigger workflows from the Portal UI
  • Trigger in-place workflows such as sending an item to Twitter or to Media Central
  • Trigger in-place workflows to enrich metadata using Cloud AI resources
  • Monitor all these workflows from a Dashboarding system
  • Powerful Orchestration for Media Management

Watch this demo with Portal’s head of product development, Martin Fellbrink, and Bill Baker of Embrace to go deeper into this solution and see how it all can work together in real-time.

Webinar table of contents:

  • 00:00 Opening introductions and overview
  • 07:30 Product introduction, Cantemo Portal
  • 16:14 Product introduction, Pulse-IT
  • 26:15 Integration demo