Apps from our partners


Software that Automates Systems and Connects People

The technology developed by Embrace is used extensively by promo and creative teams around the world to generate videos with automatic graphics and connect the creative departments efficiently with the rest of the production team. One of them is Pulse-IT, a workflow orchestration platform. It’s the next-generation focusing on workflow design and orchestration platforms.

Pulse-IT powers the Cantemo Portal, available directly from the MAM:

  • Monitoring all tasks without leaving the Cantemo Portal
  • Orchestration all tasks without leaving the Cantemo Portal

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Woody in2it

Woody in2it, the smart ingest tool.

Woody in2it is a smart and intuitive software dedicated to ingest of any media into the PAM or MAM. It covers hundreds of file formats and allow journalists, editors or technical operators to preview, select, name and index their clips before making them available in the production environment.

One tool for all video sources

Woody in2it is both easy to use and powerful. Supporting P2, XDCAM, Canon, GoPro and many more, it handles transcoding, rewrap, partial ingest and metadata processing. Combined with PortalScript, it represents an easy way to ingest your content into Cantemo Portal.

Your workflow under control

Using mandatory custom fields, metadata mapping and clips naming rules, Woody in2it ensures the proper organisation of all your assets in Cantemo Portal. The HTML 5 user interface is intuitive and configurable. You can create different ingest profiles to handle various workflows

Social Send


SocialSend is a plugin app for the Cantemo Portal media asset management system. It installs on existing Cantemo Portal systems and provides additional features to help with distribution of content to social media outlets. SocialSend automatically transcodes media into a compressed high resolution format optimal for social distribution. These settings can be changed by an administrator at any time to reflect changes for all distribution. Social media outlets can be set at the admin level and allow for multiple users with proper rights to send to a shared social media account. Instead of manually exporting, encoding, uploaded, delivering, and tagging your content, SocialSend allows for simple 1-click sending to many different social media outlets.