Cantemo Portal™

Build upon firm foundations

Video is widely used by a hugely diverse number of companies with many differing use cases. That is why Cantemo Portal™ has been built to be flexible and agile, meaning it can meet your needs, no matter your size, type, or video usage needs.

Cantemo Portal is like a warehouse of the ever-growing pool of video, audio, still images, and other forms of digital media. It provides fast search and playback no matter where your content lives in the multi-tiered storage environment, and it easily integrates with mainstream third-party tools like NLE’s, transcoders, distribution engines, and archive solutions.

We manage your video so you can...

Be Creative


Ingest all types of digital media in different ways to suit your own unique workflow.


Need to transcode your video file to different formats? We’ve got that covered!


Once imported, you are in control of your media, with easy searching, adding metadata, sharing, and everything inbetween.


Wherever your content needs to go, we ensure it is fit for distribution and can be exported to multiple platforms with ease.


Integrate Cantemo Portal with any number of archive solutions and you can even set automatic archiving rules.


Cantemo Portal is an easy-to-use web-based interface, which makes collaboration simple.

ingest in Portal


Ingest all types and formats of digital media in different ways for different workflows, including support for sidecar metadata with translation mappings.

  • HTML5 based uploader supports file chunking for very large files.
  • Manual import from monitored storage.
  • Automated watchfolder import.
  • Sidecar Metadata support.
  • Metadata XSLT translation support.
  • Ingest all file formats.
  • Automatic transcoding of supported formats.
  • Technical metadata extraction.
  • Upload entire folders to Portal
  • Windows and Mac uploaders with Aspera Support

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Web Based

Cantemo Portal is a web based application providing many advantages.

  • Access your content anywhere at any time.
  • Platform independent. Mac, Windows, Linux, Tablets, and smartphones.
  • No client-side installation.
  • Presenting complex features in an intuitive and user-friendly fashion is our expertise. This philosophy is spanned throughout the entire system including content browsing and management to administrative tasks.
  • We’re constantly on the cutting-edge of HTML5 capabilities, and therefore providing powerful functionalities for media management.
  • The Cantemo HTML5 player ensures native accessibility from anywhere on any modern device. It also guarantees rapid and frame accurate playback on modern browsers.
  • Use standard JKL shortcuts to control the playback speed forward and backward or the arrow keys to frame accurately step frames in the video.

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Portal is web-based
Portal transcoder


With so many different formats, Cantemo Portal gives you one less thing to worry about by helping you to change the file format quickly and efficiently.

  • Built-in and fully integrated transcoder.
  • On demand or automatic transcoding.
  • Capable of extracting technical file and container information into metadata.
  • Cantemo Transcode Framework allows easy and unified integration with any modern third-party transcoder.
  • Easily taps into your existing transcoder infrastructure.

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Manage Content

Once imported your are in control of your media and its metadata.

  • Basic and advanced search.
  • Add and modify asset metadata.
  • Preview frame accurately with JKL key-bindings.
  • Share assets and manage access control lists.
  • Collections, projects, and saved searches.
  • Keep track of usage of assets in collections, sequences, and NLE projects.
  • File storage, movement and management.
  • Monitor job and transfer activities.

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Portal content management


Metadata is invaluable in today’s media environment. It helps you index your media files, ensuring you can find the right clips or sub-clips at the right time. It also helps you establish any number of rules depending on specific criteria.

  • Dedicated metadata management tool to define and modify schemas.
  • Cantemo Portal supports a virtually unlimited number of user-defined metadata fields.
  • Automatically extract and make searchable embedded metadata, such as XMP or closed-captioning.
  • Capability to host multiple metadata schemas in the same repository - customers can attach multiple third party systems, spanning from web-CMS, DAM, scheduling systems, and more onto the same backend, without doing federation.
  • Portal enables Inherit Metadata, so a child asset can inherit metadata from its parent asset.

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With our strong web-based admin tools you can monitor and administer everything that you would expect in the easiest way possible.

  • User and groups rights management.
  • Monitor job activities.
  • Manage transcoders and transcode profiles.
  • Storage management.
  • Export areas.

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portal administration
Portal distribution and exporting

Distribute and Export

Whether you deploy in the cloud or locally on-site we ensure that your content is fit for distribution and can be exported with ease.

  • Define re-usable export areas, S3, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, file copy, and more.
  • Export metadata with content.
  • Secure web-based download of media.
  • Tied into rights management.
  • Exports can be used in combination with transcode.

There is no limit to the possibilities of export. With our Apps and with our APIs you can define your own export and distribution workflows.

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Easy archiving is really important when dealing with a growing catalogue of media files, as is the ability to easily get an item back from archive whenever it is needed again.

  • The Cantemo Archive Framework ensures an easy and unified approach to integrating with third party archive solutions.
  • Assets can be archived and restored either manually, or automatically through metadata triggers using Rules Engine.
  • Manage and archive assets in StorNext tiered storage and archive solutions with the native use of StorNext API. Oracle DIVArchive and Archiware P5 also supported
  • New archive integrations are easily added.

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Portal Storages

Media Storage and infrastructure

We recognize that your storage may have its own infrastructure too and being able to manage the movement of content throughout that can be valuable.

  • Cantemo Portal also allows you to manage the movement of content from any tier of storage.
  • If your storage infrastructure can be mounted on a Linux environment, it’s Cantemo Portal compatible.
  • We are hardware agnostics. The backend platform is Linux based, and can be installed on your existing infrastructure, supporting virtual machine installations.

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Open API

Because video is handled by such a range of companies, Cantemo Portal was created to be a core solution, which can be built upon to create custom solutions.

  • Our open API ensures customers and partners can custom build solutions to meet individual needs.
  • We use the same toolsets internally to build our own Apps and Themes.

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Portal Open API
Portal Rules and Roles

Rules and Roles

Define what capabilities your users have in the system, and define who gets to see what media you have uploaded. It's secure enough that you can keep competing clients media on the same system, separated by ACLs so that they will never be able to see one-another's media.

  • Manual controls over the granularity of access.
  • Access controls on users or groups.
  • Sub-group can inherit ACLs to build complex permission structures.
  • Bulk update access controls.
  • Create pre-defined access rules for incoming media.

If you want more, check out our Apps - automated control of access.

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Dashboard in Portal gives you a quick overview of your tasks, system status etc.

  • You can customize your dashboard by adding as many widgets as you want and configuring them.
  • Widgets can be sorted by group, depending on your needs.
  • Widgets can be displayed in a different number of columns.
  • Additional widgets can easily be developed by third parties as plugins.

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Portal Dashboard

Product Development Philosophy

At Cantemo, we are continually developing our products and solutions, mainly driven by two factors:

  • Our vision of what media management should look like. With years of experience in this industry, we are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to intuitive user experience, as well as constantly looking for new and innovative ways of managing media. With the media industry evolving rapidly, we are striving to define the future of media management, ensuring our customers always have the right tools at their disposal, even before they become necessary.

  • Our customers’ current business needs. We place a great deal of importance on close working relationships with both our customers and our partners. This means we can ensure a thorough understanding of current video technology needs and how video management needs fit into a wide variety of different verticals and business models.

By combining our vision for the future of media management with a deep knowledge of our customers’ current business needs, we are able to prioritize features on our product roadmap and keep our solutions a step ahead of the game.