Premiere Pro CC

You never have to leave the comfort of your NLE unless you want to

Adobe Premiere Pro is a leading video production toolset for editing virtually any type of media in its native format

The integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC enables users to manage an entire project, from start to finish within the Adobe Premiere Pro editing environment, with Cantemo Portal™ handling the file management tasks.

Cantemo Portal Annotation Tool

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Integration

Our integration with Adobe Premiere Pro means that you can work in the environment you are most productive in, with the knowledge that underlying it is a media asset management system taking care of the fundamentals like movement of files and proxy generation.


Import from your MediaBin.

Browse shared storage.

Export back into Portal.

In Adobe Premiere Pro CC it is also possible to:

Open sequences created in Rough Cut Editor.

Show annotations created in Annotations Tool.

Export material through Adobe Media Encoder CC.


Don't interrupt your workflow, search directly within Premiere Pro to find the content that you need for your edits and productions.

Searches all media in Cantemo Portal™.

Restrict search to Video, Images or Audio only.

Import directly from Shared Storage.

Imports show up in the bin.

Once imported use as with any other media.

Keep track of which assets are used in Premiere Pro projects.


Once you have finished your edit you can export rendered material straight out of Adobe Premiere Pro and into Cantemo Portal™. You can even define metadata that must be entered on export to capture the material that is coming in.

Exports the current sequence.

Add metadata on export.

Standard Portal Metadata schemas supported.

Renders the asset.

Creates an item in Portal ready to be searched.

Browse your shared storage

Cantemo Portal™ monitors assets on the shared storage and makes these available to attached Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 installations though the panel.

Import media from shared storage.

Drag and drop from shared storage to the timeline.

Works with multiple storages.

Import your MediaBin items

The Cantemo Portal™ MediaBin is your temporary shopping cart of material that you find in the web interface as you search. After you populate the MediaBin with those items that you like, open Adobe Premiere Pro and you will find those items in the MediaBin there ready to be imported.

See it in action

Editorial workflow with Premiere Pro.

Searching and adding assets in Portal within Premiere Pro.

Accessing your media bin within Premiere Pro.

Posting back rendered media and metadata from Premiere Pro.

Editorial workflow with Premiere Pro CC and CC 2014.

Same base support as with Premiere Pro.

Access annotations created in Portal in Premiere Pro as markers.

Create a sequence in Rough Cut Editor and open instantly in Premiere Pro CC.

Project roundtrip workflow with Premiere Pro CC.

Media source tracking throughout media lifecycle.