Rules Engine

Define your workflows

The Cantemo Portal™ Rules Engine helps you setup rules to manage content and access rights.

The Rules Engine App allows for custom automations and the creation of advanced rules and workflows, for example setting specific metadata, determining access control rights, or transcoding files to different formats. Rules Engine is built on the Activiti workflow engine, which is a free, open source, Business Process Management (BPM) system. It allows for complex business processes to be modelled with visual diagrams, and executed directly from those definitions.

Cantemo Portal Rules Engine Tool

Can be triggered based for example on saved searches, for all new items.

Determine access control rights.

Transcode files to different formats.

Determine when files should be moved or copied to different storages or even a specific directory within a storage.

Archive files.

Add rules for individual tasks and set a priority level.

Custom scripts, can be written e.g. in Python with Cantemo APIs, Shell Scripts.

Metadata values can be included within the rules to enable intelligent processing and movement of assets depending on those metadata values.

Support for dynamic and static access rules. Dynamic rules are applied only as long as the metadata rule matches the asset metadata. With static access rules, the rule is set permanently until it is changed or removed manually or by another rule.

Supports sync to our cloud video hub, iconik.

To learn more, please get in touch to arrange a demo of Cantemo Portal, and see just how the Rules Engine App can revolutionize your workflow.