Cantemo Portal™ Themes infrastructure allows tweaking or completely remodelling the user interface for each user or group in the system.

Because we know that different customers, and even different users, have different needs in terms of user interface tailoring and look and feel, our themes means Cantemo Portal™ can wear your design and colors. You can also customize it further per user or group of users.

Cantemo Portal Core Theme

Core Theme

The core theme of Cantemo Portal™ is comprehensive in terms of functionalities provided by the MAM. This core theme is designed to simplify the media workflows and maximize the usability through solving the most important problems in the simplest possible way. The Core Theme supports Retina/Hi-Res screens.

Cantemo Portal Onyx Theme

Onyx Theme

A new Portal theme, called Onyx, is available as of Portal 2.0. The new dark theme enhances and intensifies the asset color appearance and complements the look of the most popular creative applications. The Onyx Theme supports Retina/Hi-Res screens.

Open API

Because we have an open API, customizing and modifying Cantemo Portal to suit you, your design, and your users is simple. And we know they work, as we use the same toolsets internally to build our own apps and themes. Read more.