Web based

Being web-based means that our customers can access the same content and functionality of Cantemo Portal™, wherever they are in the world.

Access your content anywhere at any time

Whether you have multiple offices or need to ingest or access content whilst filming on location or even meeting a potential client, all you need is an internet connection and your secure password details.

Platform independent

Cantemo Portal™ can be accessed from any number of different platforms, whether that is on a Mac, Windows PC, Linux, or even tablets and smartphones. This means you really can access it anywhere, even if all you have is your mobile phone.

No client-side installation

Being web based also means you don’t need to install any complicated software on your system. This of course also means that it doesn’t matter which device you are accessing it from, or where in the world you are at the time.


We’re constantly on the cutting-edge of HTML5 capabilities.

  • We constantly keep up with the latest technologies introduced by the browser vendors.
  • Cantemo Portal includes a frame accurate video player compatible with all modern web browsers. Users can fast forward and fast rewind in the player, as well as watching in slow motion, both forward and rewind. MPEG-DASH is used for multiple audio tracks support and bandwidth negotiation whilst streaming
Cantemo Portal Web Based HTML5 Markup
Cantemo Portal Web Based Easy Interface

Complex features

Media Asset Management systems have to, by their very nature, conduct some extremely complex tasks, such as applying metadata, moving files around, collaboration between different users, and other complex workflows. However, as more and more videos are being created by such a wide variety of different companies, it is more important than ever that the process of performing those tasks should be simple and straightforward. Cantemo Portal handles all the complicated stuff behind the scenes and the user-friendly interface makes the manual processes simple for all users.

Cantemo Portal HTML5 video player

Cantemo HTML5 player

The Cantemo HTML5 player ensures users can view HTML5 video from within Cantemo Portal. Because Cantemo Portal is web-based, it is accessible from anywhere. It is also viewable on any modern device, meaning you can ensure great playback of all your video content across multiple platforms.

Standard JKL shortcuts

Using standard JKL shortcuts makes adjusting the playback speed quick and easy so you can get the playback speed just right. The arrow keys are used to accurately step frames in the video.

Rapid and Frame Accurate Playback

The HTML5 player gives you rapid and frame accurate playback, vital for ensuring you can view what your audience will view once your video content is live.

Frame accuracy plays a major role in professional video playback. The first thing a professional needs is a rock solid way to reference each and every individual frame accurately. This is not just key for the playback, but also for our Apps Rough Cut Editor and Annotation Tool.